Starting from 2013, with the progressive growth of the Company's welfare offer to all the employees of the Group's subsidiaries,  the potential beneficiaries of FNM Pension Fund,  Ferrovie Nord Milano Reciprocal Obligation Register and Ferrovie Nord Milano Community Center has significantly expanded, including staff from Trenord S.r.l.

Fondo Pensione FNM (Pension Fund)

FNM Pension Fund was established in 1992 and signed as n. 1165 under the so-called pre-existing funds on the Covip Register. Its non-profit purpose is that of giving members supplementary pension systems so to ensure a higher level of insurance coverage.

On the 31st December 2013, FNM counted  n° 3,402 subscribers to its pension fund.

The registration to FNM's pension fund includes a Company's contribution of  3.3% of the employee's base salary; those whose first job began after April 28 1993 expect the complete assignment of TFR, while  workers with the first employment  previous to 29th April 1993 can choose if allocate only a part of their TFR. But the majority of the participants (87.4%) decide to allocate the entire TFR to the FNM Pension Fund. The Fund does not imply compulsory payments for the employee, who can however decide to pay a voluntary contribution at his own charge, to be determined freely in accordance to D.Lgs.252/2005, that is voluntary payments made by the 60% of the employees who are registered to FNM Pension Fund. The contributions to the FNM Pension Fund have progressively increased over the years and have reached the number of 11.817 mln. in 2013.

Cassa Integrativa di Mutuo Soccorso Ferrovie Nord Milano (Reciprocal Obligation Register)

The Reciprocal Obligation Register is a mutual aid association, established by law n. 3818 of the 15thApril 1886, with the purpose of complementing the National Health Service and supplying economic aid to the members' families, also with concern to school courses. The subsidiaries' contribution is equal to 0.7% of payroll, while that of registered employees to 1% of their net salary. On the 31st of December  2013, members  reached 4.030 of which n° 438 retired.  Registrations have increased over 500 units compared to the previous year, with a continuous increase.

In 2013 the disbursements supporting  the National Health Service were 17,078 for a total amount of €.1.223,915, with an increase of 19% compared to the previous year; while supplies for families were 1,956 for a total amount of €. 704,325, with an increase of 32% compared to the previous year. The total amount of supplies was that of n. 1,928,240 for  € 19,034, with an increase of 23% compared to the previous year.

Circolo Ricreativo Aziendale Ferrovie Nord (Community Center)

The Ferrovie Nord Milano Community Center is an association of social promotion, established by   law n° 383 of 7th December 2000, that promotes, manages and coordinates the recreational, cultural, tourist, athletic, social, welfare activities, at the different levels of membership. It aims to improve the personal and collective quality of life of the Group's subsidiaries and of their families' employees and retired ones. The Group's subsidiaries contribution amounts to 0.15% of payroll.

On December 31st 2013, the employees enlisted as members of FNM's recreational club reached 4,237, of which n. 362 pensioners. That is subscriptions that have had an increase of more than 600 units compared to the previous year, with a continuous increasing trend.The activities carried out during 2013, in addition to the traditional leisure activities (social trips, Christmas gifts, courses, tournaments, competitions, trips and tours, exhibitions, unit parties, summer camps, study trips), have been characterized by numerous social initiatives as the gathering of funds for the victims of the Emilia Region's earthquake.

Overall, more than 4000 people have been involved, both employees and retirees and their families, in different areas, in CRA's  different initiatives, , spending more than € 200,000.