The boundaries of FNM Group's sustainability report refer to the following Companies and to their performance, with concern to year 2013:

- FNM S.p.A.
- Nord Energia S.p.A.
- NORD_ING S.r.l.
- NordCom S.p.A.
- FNM Autoservizi S.p.A.
- SeMS S.r.l.

The following subsidiaries are excluded from the report:
- The joint venture with Trenitalia S.p.A., Trenord S.r.l., is the operator that manages train service;
- Omnibus Partecipazioni S.r.l .;
- NORDCARGO S.r.l .;
- Eurocombi S.r.l.

The Sustainability Report is the main communication tool for the strategies regarding performance and sustainability that are carried out by the Company for its stakeholders.The 2013 report is the first to be based on the "Sustainability Reporting Guidelines" guide (Version 4.0, 2013) of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).This first document is the starting point for future reports that will follow every year, in order to edit a comprehensive document, coherent with guidelines, starting from the 2014 report.The 2013 report was prepared by the CSR function of FNM S.p.A. holding, under the supervision of the CSR Committee and with the collaboration of the various Business functions.

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