Company Welfare

FNM Group has always taken care of the wellness of its employees and their families, trying to improve the quality of their lives. The welfare system, developed together with unions, offers effective answers to the needs of the employees, through the activity of three historical corporate organizations - Pension fund, Supplementary fund, Corporate Recreational Club – providing a wide range of services. Some of the most important measures are:

- contribution in case of death of the employee

- filing 730 tax model for employees

- preventive medicine and annual complete check up

- influenza vaccine campaign

- worklife balance for the employees: smart working, flexible hours, part time.

- meal vouchers

- affiliated shops network for CRA members

- shopping vouchers

- performance bonus 20% increase if transformed in welfare services

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Corporate bodies

FNM Pension Fund


The FNM Pension Fund, which was established in 1992 and was registered in the pension fund register as no. 1165 in the section of so-called pre-existing funds in the register held by COVIP, aims to provide, for non-profit purposes, its members with pension schemes that supplement the mandatory public system in order to guarantee higher levels of social security coverage. As of 31 December 2019, there were 4,786 registered members.

Registration to the FNM Pension Fund involves a contribution paid by the company equal to 3.3% of a fixed salary. First-time workers after 28 April 1993 receive the full allocation of severance pay, while first-time employees before 29 April 1993 have the right to only allocate part of their severance pay. The FNM Pension Fund does not require compulsory payments to be paid by the employee, who can however choose to pay a voluntary contribution at their own expense of an amount freely chosen according to the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 252 / 2005. The total payment of contributions to the FNM Pension Fund, which has progressively increased over the years and includes "Welfare contributions" according to law, was 18.206 million in 2019 (+5,94% comparede to 2018).

FNM Supplementary Fund


The Supplementary Fund is a mutual aid association, established pursuant to the Law of 15 April 1886, no. 3818, among the employees and the retired people of the companies of FNM Group, in order to provide grants to supplement the national health service and various provisions to help members' families, including to support study programmes. The Group's companies' contribution is equal to 0.7% of total remuneration, while that of registered workers is equal to 1% of their net salary.

As of 31 Decembre 2019 there were 5.463 registred members. The total amount of grants provided in 2019 was 3.376.399 euro (+3,5% compared to 2018).

FNM Corporate Recreational Club


The Ferrovie Nord Milano Corporate Recreational Club is a social promotion association, established pursuant to Law 07.12.2000 no. 383, with the aim of promoting, managing and coordinating, at different levels of membership, recreational, cultural, tourist, sporting, social and welfare activities in order to increase quality of life and the personal and collective growth of employees and retirees of the FNM Group's companies and their families. The Group's companies' contribution is equal to 0.15% of total remuneration.

The membership is free for the employees. As of 31 Decembre 2019, the registred members were 5.917. 

Health and safety

The "Consolidated Work Safety Act" (Legislative Decree 81/2008) was drafted in full compliance with the philosophy of the community directives focused on the planning and participation of all the subjects involved in the work.

The FNM Group's RSPP (Protection and Prevention Services Manager), assisted by external bodies, has the role of preventing and eliminating risks and informing and training all workers.

Improved quality of life has led to growing attention to safety: companies now feel the need for a new philosophy regarding safety at work.

Furthermore, the safety of passengers and of all those who rely on FNM is of central importance to the Group's mission

The employer must first take into account the skills and conditions of each worker when delegating tasks. The employer must also appoint a qualified doctor to carry out health surveillance and must send the workers to have periodic medical examinations. Subsequently, the employer must ensure that each worker receives adequate information about health and safety risks at work, about the specific risks that they are exposed to in relation to their particular work, about safety regulations and company regulations on the subject and finally about procedures regarding first aid, fire fighting and evacuation of workplaces.

All of the employees of the FNM Group's companies have the opportunity to undergo optional preventive medical examinations, including flu vaccination campaigns. They are also obliged to undergo medical examinations to prevent occupational illnesses and to verify that they do not have a substance addiction and have not taken narcotics

IThe RSPP and qualified doctor also analyse the working environment and manage the continuous improvement of workers' health and safety conditions: they must optimize working conditions, reduce the possibility of injuries to workers and adopt hygiene and health protection measures..

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