Società Anonima Ferrovie Milano-Saronno e Milano-Erba

The company is established to build and manage railway lines in Lombardy. The railway network develops in north-western Lombardy, connecting Milan with Novara, Varese, Laveno, Como and Brianza as far as Asso, with interventions to expand and acquire existing lines..

La facciata del Palazzo del Dazio nel 1877


Milan-Saronno Line

Railway operations begin, with the launch of the Milan-Saronno line. At the time the line is opened, the active stations are: Milan North, Milan North Bovisa, Novate Milanese, Bollate, Traversagna, Castellazzo di Bollate, Garbagnate Milanese, Caronno Pertusella and Saronno..

Il manifesto pubblicitario dell'apertura della linea Milano-Saronno


Società anononima Ferrovie Nord Milano

The Società Anonima delle Ferrovie Nord Milano is established. A few years after the inauguration of the first two lines, the Company wants to expand and not to limit its network to only two routes. For this reason, with a resolution of the shareholders' meeting called on April 2, the change of the company name is voted.

Il manifesto pubblicitario dell'apertura della linea Milano-Saronno


Entry on the Stock Exchange

From December 14, 1926, the Company is listed on the main market in Milan

Cartolina della Stazione Cadorna con quattro piani nel 1925


Investment from Lombardy Region

Lombardy Region approves the acquisition of the majority shareholding of Ferrovie Nord Milano S.p.A., purchasing it from MITTEL, a Mediterranean industrial company.

Foto della stazione Cadorna e del palazzo delle Ferrovie Nord Milano, visti dai binari


FNME and FNM Autoservizi S.p.A.

Ferrovie Nord Milano Esercizio S.p.A. (FNME) is established and is assigned the business activities related to managing railway and motorway concessions, transferred from Ferrovie Nord Milano S.p.A. In December of the same year, FNM Autoservizi S.p.A. is established and becomes operational in June 1986..

Una locomotiva passa sul ponte costruito sull'Olona


Brescia-Iseo-Edolo Line

Ferrovie Nord Milano Esercizio acquires the management of the Brescia-Iseo-Edolo railway line in Valcamonica and some motorways in the provinces of Brescia and Cremona..

Foto della stazione di Iseo


Railway Link

The first section of the Milan Railway Link is inaugurated, between the Certosa - Bovisa Nord and Milan Porta Venezia stations..

Foto del primo passante ferroviario alla stazione di Certosa


Malpensa Express

In May, the Malpensa Express airport connection is launched, connecting Milan Cadorna station to the Malpensa 2000 airport..

Il treno Malpensa Express sfreccia appena uscito da una galleria


Ferrovie Nord Milano Ingegneria is created

On 6 June 2000, Ferrovie Nord Milano Ingegneria srl (FNMI) was created and became operational on the following 1 st of November, with the acquisition by the Parent company Ferrovie Nord Milano (now FNM) of the company branch "Engineering Division". FNME (Ferrovie Nord Milano Esercizio now FERROVIENORD) holds 80% of the shares of the new company and 20% are held by Ferrovie Nord Milano (now FNM). In 2006, the company adopted the current name NORD_ING.


Nord Energia S.p.A. 

In 2003, the companies FNM and AET sign a joint venture agreement to cooperate in developing the Merchant Line project between Mendrisio and Cagno through the company Nord Energia S.p.A..

Stazione Bullona


Separation of network and service, sustainable mobility market

The railway business activities are reorganised, with the transfer of the Cargo and Local Transportation business units to Ferrovie Nord Cargo and Ferrovie Nord Milano Trasporti, respectively. Management of the network and the railway service is separated. With the creation of SeMS, FNM Group enters the sustainable mobility market..

Le nuove auto monovolume elettriche del servizio e-Vai



With the adoption of a new corporate identity for the companies of the FNM Group, in 2006, the name of the Ferrovie Nord Milano Esercizio company changed to FERROVIENORD. At the same time, Ferrovie Nord Milano Trasporti became LeNORD


FERROVIENORD expands its network

On 9 September, the tracks between Cadorna and Bovisa are quadrupled in the urban section of the FERROVIENORD network, where the lines from and to Saronno, Como, Asso, Varese-Laveno, Novara and Malpensa converge. This quadrupling, which took nine years to complete, is one of the most important infrastructure interventions for local public transportation in Lombardy.. 

Un treno sfreccia tra le stazioni di Cadorna e Bovisa


FNM stock

On 3 April 2008, FNM stock is admitted for listing to segment 1 of the Mercato Expandi of Borsa Italiana. In the same year, consistent with the strategy to focus on activities related to the core business, the subsidiary Avionord S.r.l., established in the 1990s as the air transport division of FNM, is sold. .  

Un elicottero prende il volo


Trenitalia-LeNORD, an innovative Italian model

In January, 49% of the share capital of NORDCARGO S.r.l. is sold to DB Shenker Rail Italia, a company of the German group, DB Shenker. In August, the Trenitalia-LeNORD joint-venture company is established with Trenitalia to manage all regional railway transport in Lombardy. The new company was created following the Memorandum of Understanding between the Italian government and the Lombardy Region to improve and strengthen regional railway service, resulting in an experimental reorganisation of Local Public Transportation for Italy on a new regional basis..

Un treno sfreccia davanti ad un cielo azzurro


Electic car sharing service

E-Vai, the first electic car sharing service in Lombardy, starts its activity

Il manifesto pubblicitario dell'apertura della linea Milano-Saronno


Creation of Trenord S.r.l.

In May, Trenitalia-LeNORD becomes Trenord S.r.l. From the joint venture between Trenitalia S.p.A. and the FNM Group, the first and largest Italian operator specialising in local public railway transport is created in Lombardy, thus completing the combination process between LeNORD, the railway company of FNM Group, and Trenitalia S.p.A.'s Lombardy regional division.  

Un locomotore di un treno di Trenord attende in una stazione


DB Schenker Rail Italia S.r.l.

On 7 January, NordCargo changes its name to DB Schenker Rail Italia S.r.l. FNM Group holds a 40% shareholding.  

Un locomotore DB Cargo Italia in primo piano


2016-2020 Strategic Plan

In September, the Board of Directors approves the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, based on four fundamental areas – development of transport infrastructure, development of passenger transport, logistics development, and ROSCO development..

Gli amministratori di FNM Group presentano il Piano strategico 2016-2020


FuoriMuro, Locoitalia, and Azienda Trasporti Verona

Between March and May, 49% of the company FuoriMuro Servizi Portuali and Ferroviari srl and 50% of Azienda Trasporti Verona srl are acquired. In September, FNM acquires 51% of Locoitalia..

Logo ATV - Aziende Trasporti Verona e FuoriMuro


La Linea S.p.A. e Malpensa Intermodale Srl

FNM has acquired 51% of the transport company La Linea S.p.A., which carries out its activity in Veneto in the local public road transport sector and bus rental with driver. In december, Malpensa Intermodale was created to manage the Sacconago intermodal terminal.

Logo LaLinea


Malpensa Distripark

Malpensa Distripark was established in october 2019. It is 100% owned by FNM and deals with the management of facilities for goods handling, logistic organization and distribution of products.

Logo LaLinea


FNMPay and BusForFun

The company FNMPay is created (100% controlled by FNM). FNM acquires 24,7% of the company BusForFun. In November project H2iseO is presented






FNM holds a shareholding representing 96% of the Milano Serravalle Milano Tangenziali (MISE) share capital. In July project FILI is presented. In september the Board of Directors approves 2021-2025 Strategic Plan




Sustainability :

Sustainability Report

On the Stock Exchange :

On the Stock Exchange

FNM S.p.A.
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Fully paid-up share capital of € 230.000.000,00

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