The Group's activities have always been aimed at creating value for Stakeholders and for the entire community, by generating positive impacts on the whole economic, social and environmental system, by offering efficient and affordable services that are sustainable over time

Human resources

Our employees are the company's most important asset.

Consequently, the Group invests in them through training, recognition of benefits and the creation of tools to promote work-family balance. The Group aims to develop and retain its employees, avoiding the loss of the specific knowledge that they acquire. In fact, due to the specific nature of the work that they carry out and regardless of their educational qualifications, our workers develop a high level of professionalism through internal training courses. The Group's activities, especially in the railway sector, are mainly carried out by male personnel. However, the FNM Group has embarked on a plan to promote and ensure equal opportunities for men and women.

The company

Maintaining and developing constant relations with the local area is crucially important for the FNM Group. In this context, in line with the Code of Ethics and additional relevant internal policies and procedures, the Group is committed to carefully managing the trends connected with the local area, with particular reference to transparent communication and promoting social initiatives


Environmental sustainability

Respect for the environment is intrinsically linked to the FNM Group's mission.
Providing a good service is the first contribution that FNM S.p.A. can make, so that an increasing number of people choose to travel by train, bus or car sharing in an electric vehicle, leaving their car at home, to demonstrate an environmental sustainability strategy.

The FNM Group's most significant environmental impact is due to consumption of high voltage electricity, used to move trains on the railway network. Consumption of diesel fuel used by FNM Autoservizi S.p.A.'s buses is also a major contributor. Hence the Group's commitment to lower consumption by reducing waste and by developing projects designed to improve energy efficiency and to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Group's environmental commitment is not limited to energy savings: it is reflected in its design choices regarding infrastructure (buildings, railway systems, etc.), both during the design and maintenance phases, which take into account available economic resources and involve the adoption of eco-compatible design standards, as well as landscape impact and noise pollution mitigation actions, with an emphasis on protecting biodiversity.

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The implemented environmental solutions take different needs into account. For example, in the case of noise and vibration, the Group has committed to investing in absorption systems on the lines, buying quieter trains, making joints and welds with innovative techniques and using sound-absorbing barriers in areas where local residents are particularly affected.

The Group's environmental projects are focused on reducing electricity consumption, which causes the most significant environmental impact, as well as on the improvement of waste and water resources management.

FERROVIENORD (in 2015) and FNM Autoservizi (in 2017), obtained the UNI EN ISO 14001 "Environmental Management Systems" certification, which recognises the commitment to environmental protection and safeguarding against pollution. In addition, FNM Autoservizi adopted the certification UNI EN ISO 50001, "Energy management systems", to improve the management of energy impacts 

The principles that govern the Group's policies and actions, as well as the initiatives taken to make its activities in the environmental sector more accountable, are illustrated in the Sustainability Report.

Sustainability :

Sustainability Report

On the Stock Exchange :

On the Stock Exchange

FNM S.p.A.
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