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Why FNM Group?

Because, proud of our past, we live the present with the awareness of our role in local transportation while looking to the future, ready to face the changes and challenges that the market will require us to address. The activities of our companies are diversified, and through each we focus on regional and technological development, the sustainability of interventions, environmental protection, business ethics and transparency in our activities and procedures, and the safety of our customers and our personnel. This is the result of the daily commitment of the entire staff who, each performing their role and responsibilities and using their skills, helps to "move ideas, people, and things".

Human resources

The employees of the Group represent real capital that will grow through careful management and development policies..

As a result of strong industrial relations, the business climate is favourable for implementing interventions and using tools that pursue the growth of the individual together with that of the organisation.

Systems to evaluate knowledge and skills, as well as performance, have been in place for several years, introducing a reward system that allows a fair recognition of everyone's commitment, not only for managers, but all employees..

Training, welfare, attention to gender policies and the health and safety of personnel make up the framework in which Human Resources play a fundamental role.









Il team di controllo al lavoro durante le operazioni quotidiane

Personnel selection has always been carried out by the Group's internal structures and is a highly skilled and qualifying activity.


The search for the best possible professional skills to perform the roles necessary for the proper functioning of the organisation is carried out according to procedures adopted so that the entire process has clear and transparent rules.

Our primary source is the Curriculum Vitae entered in the database, an information asset that has always allowed, first, the most suitable candidates to be identified and, then, the best resource to be hired.

In the many professional skills present in our companies, each candidate can, of course, identify the one closest to his/her education, professional experience, or - simply - his/her aspirations.

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