The most ethical and sustainable businesses are able to reconcile economic objectives with the social and environmental goals of the local area. The FNM Group has embarked on a path of greater commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility issues, conscious of the opportunities that it can develop for the company and all its stakeholders. This mission is also presented in the Sustainability Report, which the Group has prepared since 2014 in compliance with the international GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines. With the 2017 financial report, the Group will apply the new GRI Standard Guidelines, demonstrating its desire to guarantee the most up-to-date reporting techniques and maximum transparency towards stakeholders in compliance with Legislative Decree 245 of 30 December 2016.

In January 2017, the CSR-Sustainability Department was created, which oversees and coordinates the FNM Group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies.

In particular, it is involved in the management, planning and programming of the various operating units of the company and the Group, promoting the adoption of CSR principles in development, mobility and sustainable strategy policies, while also playing an active role in production and business processes.

The Department is also responsible for drafting the Sustainability Report and for all related activities, in particular for stakeholder engagement policies and relations with local areas, communities and authorities.

Additionally, the Department oversees environmental issues (consumption and energy efficiency, water resources, soil, waste, noise, etc.), promoting internal monitoring of local and national regulations and the development of projects designed to obtain white certificates.

Finally, it will accompany the process of planning and establishing SUSTINEA, FNM's Foundation for Sustainable Mobility, as the Group's operational tool for the enhancement of its historical heritage and identity, research and innovation in the field of mobility, and promotion and education about transport and mobility culture in Lombardy.

CSR Governance

The CSR Committee is composed of three independent members of the Board of Directors, including a Chairman who acts as a coordinator. Its tasks include promotion of a corporate ethical environmental policy, monitoring of the economic, environmental and social expectations of all the stakeholders and supervision of the work of drawing up the Sustainability Report.

In 2017, the Group signed a declaration to guarantee equal opportunities for women and men in the transport sector with the signature of the CSR-Sustainability department manager. This initiative, which aims to promote women's employment and equal opportunities in the transport sector, was launched by Women in Transport-EU Platform for Change, which includes the UITP association among its founding members.





Since 2004, FNM S.p.A. has adopted its own Code of Ethics. The latest revision was approved by the Board of Directors in September 2016.

An Ethics Committee has been set up within the company – composed of three independent members, including a Chairman who acts as a coordinator – which has been tasked to:

  • promote the widest possible dissemination of the Code of Ethics to everyone concerned (managers, employees, contractors and business partners) in order to ensure that people are aware of the Code and respect it;
  • update the Code of Ethics and oversee ways to make people aware of the Code and to clarify it, in order to ensure that it is correctly interpreted and applied;
  • systematically monitor the company's conduct in order to ascertain the extent to which the principles set out in the Code are applied.


The Ethics Committee supports initiatives focused on promoting integrity and transparency within the Group's companies in order to integrate ethics into all company activities. To this end, it has promoted a partnership with Transparency International.

Our stakeholders

The FNM Group has continued to demonstrate greater commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility issues, leading to integration of sustainability strategies into planning and control systems and to improvement of the Group's reporting on these issues, increasing transparency and fostering dialogue with

I nostri stakeholder
La stazione di Varese agli inizi del Novecento, con le carrozze trainate dai cavalli che trasportano i passeggeri dalla stazione verso le loro destinazioni

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