FNM stock On 3 April 2008, FNM stock is admitted for listing to segment 1 of the Mercato Expandi of Borsa Italiana. In the same year, consistent with the strategy to focus on activities related to the core business, the..Leggi di più


FERROVIENORD expands its network On 9 September, the tracks between Cadorna and Bovisa are quadrupled in the urban section of the FERROVIENORD network, where the lines from and to Saronno, Como, Asso, Varese-Laveno, Novara and Malpensa converge. This quadrupling, which..Leggi di più


FERROVIENORD is created With the adoption of a new corporate identity for the companies of the FNM Group, in 2006, the name of the Ferrovie Nord Milano Esercizio company changed to FERROVIENORD. At the same time, Ferrovie Nord Milano Trasporti..Leggi di più


Separation of network and service, sustainable mobility market The railway business activities are reorganised, with the transfer of the Cargo and Local Transportation business units to Ferrovie Nord Cargo and Ferrovie Nord Milano Trasporti, respectively. Management of the network and..Leggi di più


Nord Energia S.p.A. In 2003, the companies FNM and AET sign a joint venture agreement to cooperate in developing the Merchant Line project between Mendrisio and Cagno through the company Nord Energia S.p.A..


Ferrovie Nord Milano Ingegneria is created   On 6 June 2000, Ferrovie Nord Milano Ingegneria srl (FNMI) was created and became operational on the following 1 st of November, with the acquisition by the Parent company Ferrovie Nord Milano (now..Leggi di più


Malpensa Express In May, the Malpensa Express airport connection is launched, connecting Milan Cadorna station to the Malpensa 2000 airport.


Railway link The first section of the Milan railway link is inaugurated, between the Certosa – Bovisa Nord and Milano Porta Venezia stations.


Brescia-Iseo-Edolo Line Ferrovie Nord Milano Esercizio acquires the management of the Brescia-Iseo-Edolo railway line in Valcamonica and some motorways in the provinces of Brescia and Cremona.


FNME and FNM Autoservizi S.p.A. Ferrovie Nord Milano Esercizio S.p.A. (FNME) is established and is assigned the business activities related to managing railway and motorway concessions, transferred from Ferrovie Nord Milano S.p.A. In December of the same year, FNM Autoservizi..Leggi di più

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