MISE FNM holds a shareholding representing 96% of the Milano Serravalle Milano Tangenziali (MISE) share capital. In July project FILI is presented. In september the Board of Directors approves 2021-2025 Strategic Plan


FNMPay and BusForFun The company FNMPay is created (100% controlled by FNM). FNM acquires 24,7% of the company BusForFun. In November project H2iseO is presented


Malpensa Distripark Malpensa Distripark was established in october 2019. It is 100% owned by FNM and deals with the management of facilities for goods handling, logistic organization and distribution of products.


La Linea S.p.A. e Malpensa Intermodale Srl FNM has acquired 51% of the transport company La Linea S.p.A., which carries out its activity in Veneto in the local public road transport sector and bus rental with driver. In december, Malpensa..Leggi di più


FuoriMuro, Locoitalia, and Azienda Trasporti Verona   Between March and May, 49% of the company FuoriMuro Servizi Portuali and Ferroviari srl and 50% of Azienda Trasporti Verona srl are acquired. In September, FNM acquires 51% of Locoitalia.  


2016-2020 Strategic Plan In September, the Board of Directors approves the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, based on four fundamental areas – development of transport infrastructure, development of passenger transport, logistics development, and ROSCO development.


DB Schenker Rail Italia S.r.l. On 7 January, NordCargo changes its name to DB Schenker Rail Italia S.r.l. FNM Group holds a 40% shareholding.


Creation of Trenord S.r.l. In May, Trenitalia-LeNORD becomes Trenord S.r.l. From the joint venture between Trenitalia S.p.A. and the FNM Group, the first and largest Italian operator specialising in local public railway transport is created in Lombardy, thus completing the..Leggi di più


Electic car sharing service E-Vai, the first electic car sharing service in Lombardy, starts its activity


Trenitalia-LeNORD, an innovative Italian model In January, 49% of the share capital of NORDCARGO S.r.l. is sold to DB Shenker Rail Italia, a company of the German group, DB Shenker. In August, the Trenitalia-LeNORD joint-venture company is established with Trenitalia..Leggi di più

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