This innovative project started in 2011 thanks to the collaboration of FERROVIENORD S.p.A. and the municipal administrations, with many positive consequences for the community.This initiative consists in granting municipalities on loan use of stations rooms and depositories no longer presided, to serve as aggregation points. This will prevent states of degradation and insecurity, also redeveloping urban areas which are close to stations.These areas are also used – this is the case of the Laveno Mombello station – as bycicle rental and repair points, in order for passengers to continue their trip by bike, combining nature and sport.

The positive impacts on society consist of:

- a petty crime and vandalism reduction thanks to a constant monitoring of the site;
- the organization of social and training activities that enrich the community for free;
- in the recovery of decayed areas of the city.

The first eleven agreements were signed in year 2012; eight were signed in 2013 and other ten are planned in 2014; this information demonstrates the community's interest in this innovative project.