Respecting the environment is intrinsically linked to FNM Group's mission. Providing a good service is the first contribution that FNM S.p.A. can give, so to bring an increasing number of people to choose trains, take the bus or use an electric vehicle through the car sharing service, leaving their car at home.
FNM Group's stronger environmental impact consists in the consumption of high voltage electric energy, used to move trains along the railway. Together with the consumption of fuel used by FNM Autoservizi S.p.A.'s buses. With the commitment to consume less, reducing wastes and developing projects to improve energy efficiency.
The Group's environmental commitment is not limited to energy savings. You can also find it in the infrastructure's planning choices (buildings, railway systems, etc.) both in the design and the maintenance phase, compatibly with the available economic resources.
The implemented environmental solutions take into account different needs. For example, in the case of noise and vibration, the Group's commitment has been that of investing in absorption systems on the railway lines, purchasing quieter trains, realizing junctions and solderings with innovative techniques.
Noise barriers represent a possible solution where the impact on the population is higher. However, even if reducing the noise, they create a very invasive visual impact.
In order to encourage the use of public transport, all the Group's employees can use Trenord S.r.l.'s railway transport service for free on the FERROVIENORD S.p.A. network, travelling to work and back home. Together with the public transport on road service managed by FNM Autoservizi S.p.A. and that of parkings in many stations of the social network. Environmental projects focus on reducing the consumption of electricity. They represent the most relevant environmental impact.