The improvement of people's quality of life has increased the importance of security, with a new philosophy about safety at work.

The "Consolidated Act on safety at work" (Legislative Decree no. 81/2008) was developed respecting the community directives focused on the planning and participation of all the parties involved.

FNM Group's Head of Prevention and Protection - RSPP -  is assisted by external bodies and has the obligation of preventing and eliminating risks, while informing and training employees.

Moreover, the passengers' safety and that of all who rely on the Company is an essential part of the Group's mission.

While assigning tasks, the employer must consider the competence and conditions of every single worker. He must also provide the name of a qualified doctor, assuring health surveillance and sending the employees to the periodic health examination. He must also guarantee adequate information on the risks regarding health and safety at work and specifically those related to his specific activity, the security rules as well as the Company's norm. Finally, the procedures regarding first aid, fire escape and evacuation.

All our employees have the possibility to benefit from preventive medical examinations, including the flu vaccine campaigns. Instead, there is the obligation of medical examinations for the prevention of diseases and for the absence of drugs and drug addiction.

The RSPP and the doctor in charge also analyze the work environment. In fact they must optimize the health and safety conditions of workers,  reducing the risk of injuries and adopting measures regarding hygiene and health protection.