Level crossings represent a critical problem for the whole Lombardy railway network, for both the slowdown of train traffic and that of vehicles, but also concerning safety aspects.
The Investment Program Agreement signed in 2009 with the Lombardy Region has set as a priority the creation of replacement infrastructures for the removal of level crossings. As indicated in the Contract, works have been identified on the basis of objective priority related to the project level and to the number of circulating trains.
FERROVIENORD S.p.A. has identified the level crossings to eliminate, on the basis of the concession contract with the Lombardy Region, starting from the ones that cross double tracks or the most dangerous and those with a major impact on vehicular traffic.

At the end of 2013 the following have been eliminated:

- 3 railway crossings in Castellanza;
- 3 railway crossings on the Bovisa-Seveso line.

In the same year, also the construction of the following construction sites started:

• the requalification of the Saronno – Seregno line; the reactivation of the line has led to the removal of other 12 PL (concerning the municipalities of Saronno, Ceriano Laghetto, Cesano Maderno, Seveso and Seregno);
• the doubling of the Castano – Turbigo line, which will permit the removal of further 6 PL (with concern to the municipalities of Turbigo and Castano Primo).

The priorities regarding the replacement works are:

• The Brianza line (Bruzzano, Cormano, Cusano, Bovisio)
• The Saronno – Varese line (Gerenzano, Tradate, Venegono Superiore)
• The Saronno - Como line (Rovello, Lomazzo, Grandate)
• Railway crossings (2 in Meda and 1 in Grandate) on the occasion of the works related to the Pedemontana implementation.