The FNM Group collaborates closely with the local communities and believes in promoting talents and generating innovative projects. In this mood, FERROVIENORD S.p.A. has decided to promote a partnership with the Politecnico di Milano, aiming to promote the technological research and to give young researchers the opportunity to work on well-advanced projects that will improve our stakeholders lives. One of those is the project of transforming the friction energy generated during train braking into electricity and heating for our railway stations.


About a year ago, thanks to the Committee for Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, FNM S.p.A. became part of FAI's Corporate Golden Donor (FAI- Fondo Ambiente Italiano), a network of Companies that share the commitment for the protection and development of Italy's artistic and natural heritage. Moreover, FNM S.p.A. has asked FAI to "adopt" one of its patrimonies – the monastery of Torba – so to support more concretely the safeguard of our territory's beauty.

The Torba's monastery was in a serious state of decay  in 1977 when it was finally bought by Giulia Maria Crespi, who donated it to the Foundation that was taking its first steps.
Surrounded by Varese's green forests, next to Castelseprio's archaeological park, Torba's  historical structure gives testimony of a thousand-year long history. Firstly military outpost of the late Roman Empire and then in the hands of the Goths and Lombards (with the tower and the defensive wall of the V and VI centuries), Torba became a place to pray and work for the benedictine nuns (the church and the monastery belonging to the VIII-XIII centuries). Left by the nuns in 1453, it was later used as a rural farmstead. Some rare and important paintings of the late VIII century, are preserved inside the tower. Its extraordinary historical, artistic and cultural heritage was recently approved by UNESCO which, in fact, placed it in the List of the World's Heritage Sites.

The partnership between FAI and FNM S.p.A. - joined also by Trenord S.r.l. - consists of an economic contribution intended to cover part of the necessary costs for the management and maintenance of Torba's historical structure, as well as the strengthening of promotion and enhancement activities.

FNM S.p.A. has been serving the Lombardy region for over a century. Going through towns, villages and cities - and connecting them to Milano - the railway network has brought wealth and development. This is what FNM S.p.A. intends to do throughout the partnership with FAI: sharing the value generated with the territory and the neighboring communities, in order to promote the Region's development.