The FNM Group has historic and solid roots. Lombardy is our home: we started here, over a century ago, and it is here that every day our service helps thousands of people to move for work, study or tourism.

Our railway network has contributed to the territory's development, enhancing mobility and stimulating the economic and social growth of one of the richest and most lively areas of the country. We want to continue doing so, through a strategy that harmoniously combines together economic, social and environmental targets.

Even in 2013, our commitment has made it possible to achieve significant results: in spite of the unfavorable economic situation, we have created value and shared a part of profits with our shareholders, to which we have paid dividends. Thanks to the support from the Region of Lombardy's government, we have also made big investments for the renewal and improvement of our railway network and our trains.
We have bought new ones; we have made several improvements regarding the accessibility of our stations; we have strengthened our safety standards and our engineers are busy with important projects for the territory, such as the Malpensa airport connection between terminals 1 and 2.

Caring for the environment is our priority: we mainly deal with local public transport and our trains are, or will soon be, completely ecological.The reduction of energy consumption is one of our aims. We have promoted a partnership with the Politecnico di Milano university to find and patent a system that allows us to recycle the energy produced during train stop and use it to illuminate the stations.

We have also started some pilot projects for the installation of photovoltaic systems on shelters and in our stations' parkings. We are replacing filament lamps with LED ones everywhere. We care about our stakeholders, sharing resources, spaces and projects with them. The "Stazioni in comune" project wants to make some of our spaces available to the community, with the dual purpose of saving them from degradation and offering them, in loan for use, to municipalities, to host associations or in view of other social activities. We want to promote an eco-friendly transport system and in order to do so we want to encourage intermodal transport, providing bicycle parkings and equipped areas near the stations, where you can share a car thanks to our electric car service        ‘e-vai'.

These are just some of the initiatives carried out during 2013 which we have reported in the current balance sheet. We have several projects yet to be released, so to be ready to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, including Expo 2015.We want to face them together with our stakeholders who give sense to our work, involving them more and more in the sustainability path we have undertaken.