The awareness that most part of the railway's cost (and all that of infrastructure) lies on taxpayers, burdens to adopt some efficient management criteria, in order to use public funding in the best possible way and seek solutions that are economically sustainable.The responsibility against corruption and the promotion of ethical and transparent behaviours, strongly commit the Group.The local population and customers are our main stakeholders. For this reason the Company invests to ensure high safety standards and provides services that meet their needs.

There are many initiatives, including:

  • the progressive reduction of FERROVIENORD S.p.A. railway network level crossings;
  • the development of solutions which facilitate intermodality, such as the arrangement of bus stations near railway stations;
  • the project "Stazioni in Comune", which consists in assigning free on loan spaces inside train stations, no longer controlled by local governments, allowing them to organize training and cultural activities;
  • the progressive reduction of architectural barriers in FERROVIENORD S.p.A's stations;
  • the railway network and trains improvement to the highest standards of safety;
  • the installation of closed-circuit cameras to ensure traveler's personal safety.