Company Profile


The  FNM Group is the second largest Italian railway operator, including different companies operating in public transport throughout the Lombardy region. FNM S.p.A. coordinates all subsidiaries that operate in railway engineering, service supply, information technology, energy and sustainable mobility, from both a strategic and operational stand point.

The FNM Holding is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and its majority shareholder is the Region of Lombardy which holds 57.57% of its shares.

FNM S.p.A. operates within the local public rail service through its subsidiaries Trenord S.r.l., FERROVIENORD S.p.A. and NORD_ING  S.r.l. It is active in public road transport services through FNM Autoservizi S.p.A. and Omnibus Partecipazioni S.r.l. and it also operates in rail freight with DB Schenker Rail Italia S.r.l.

Through its subsidiary Trenord S.r.l, FNM S.p.A. manages public railway service in Lombardy, with 42 regional and 10 suburban lines. The Malpensa Express service connects Malpensa's international hub with Milano Cadorna, Milano Centrale and Milano Porta Garibaldi stations. Lombardy's railway network is one of the busiest in Europe, with 2.200 runs and more than 650.000 daily passengers.

The railway network managed by FNM S.p.A through FERROVIENORD S.p.A. develops for 300 km, with 120 stations located along the 5 railway lines that serve the districts of Milano, Varese, Como, Novara and Brescia. Beyond guaranteeing train circulation, FERROVIENORD S.p.A. also deals with the railway network's maintenance and expansion, operating in synergy with NORD_ING S.r.l.

FNM S.p.A. provides road transport through FNM Autoservizi S.p.A., serving the districts of Milano, Como, Varese and Brescia and with ASF Autolinee S.r.l. in the district of Como, holding the 49% of its shares through the subsidiary Omnibus Partecipazioni S.r.l.

The Group works in close partnership with DB Schenker, which has bought from FNM S.p.A. the majority stake in NORDCARGO S.r.l., the Group's subsidiary active in freight transport,  known as DB Schenker Rail Italia S.r.l. since 7th January 2015.

Started by a joint venture between the FNM Group and Telecom Italia, NordCom S.p.A. operates in the ICT market by offering innovative solutions and integrated systems that allow the full management of information, processes and knowledge, to businesses and public administrations.

FNM S.p.A. owns 60% of the shares of Nord Energia  S.p.A. (the remaining 40% is controlled by AET – Azienda Elettrica Ticinese), a company founded to build and manage a power station and a power line for the production and the transfer of electricity from Canton Ticino. The aim is to fulfill FNM Group's energy needs and also to sell electric power in the region's market.